Body Contouring

Body Contouring at Cultura in Washington DC

There are many options for body contouring, including:

  • BodyFX™ — Non-invasive solution to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • CoolSculpting® — Eliminates stubborn fat safely and effectively, without surgery or downtime.
  • UltraShape® — Uses focused, pulsed ultrasound energy to selectively destroy fat cells.
  • Kybella® — Targeted treatment for reduction of submental fullness, or “double chin.”

What is BodyFX™?

What is BodyFX™? BodyFX™ is one of the new revolutionary fat-reduction treatments offered at Cultura that are completely noninvasive. BodyFX™ uses radio-frequency technology for the purpose of killing fat and contouring the body.

How Exactly Does BodyFX™ Work?

BodyFX™ uses vacuum and radiofrequency energy to produce targeted fat loss in the body. Essentially, the process takes advantage of fat cells' low tolerance to extreme temperatures.

By precisely distributing heat, BodyFX™ kills the fat cells without harming the other tissue. Even better, BodyFX™ applies the heat in such a way that it encourages collagen synthesis and leads to a tightening of the skin around the area of fat reduction.

The process is extremely effective, with 30 percent fat cell apoptosis at 2.5 cm of depth.

The volume loss of fat in BodyFX™ has been compared by some to liposuction. Therefore it stands out among the non-invasive fat-reduction treatments.

What's the Difference Between BodyFX™and Other Fat Reduction Treatments?

BodyFX™ can both penetrate deeper than many other fat reduction treatments, and can more precisely distribute heat to lead to a contouring effect.

Certain other treatments are effective for specific problem areas nearer the surface of the skin, because they are more superficial and also non-targeted. BodyFX™, meanwhile, achieves its results at higher depths up to a few centimeters. Thus the targeted nature of the treatment allows for careful contouring of the body to achieve desired results.

Similar to other noninvasive fat reduction treatments, BodyFX™ does not hurt the patient. Even more, BodyFX™ has no downtime or recovery period. At worst, the patient may experience some redness and warmth in the area of treatment.

Interested in BodyFX™? Not sure if BodyFX™ or another fat reduction treatment is right for you? Find out what treatment best fits your needs by talking to a specialist at Cultura.

What Is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is the revolutionary new fat reduction treatment that is effective, painless and also eminently affordable. The process underlying CoolSculpting® was discovered when doctors noticed that children who ate popsicles grew up to become adults with dimples. From this casual observation, an innovative method of killing fat was born.

How Does CoolSculpting® Work?

The science behind CoolSculpting® hinges on a natural phenomenon called cryolysis. To put it simply, fat does not stand up to extreme temperatures as well as other types of tissue. Thus, by simply exposing the body to the perfect cold temperature, fat cells can be killed without harming the surrounding tissue.

This process of applying cryolysis for the purpose of cosmetic treatment is known as cryolipolysis.

What Is the CoolSculpting® Treatment Actually Like?

CoolSculpting® offers many advantages. First, CoolSculpting® is both an extremely safe and comfortable procedure. Patients who have undergone CoolSculpting® have described the process as having "mild discomfort" at most. The temperature of the machine is closely monitored with automatic sensors that keep the cold from ever becoming too extreme.

Second, CoolSculpting® has almost no recovery time. Compare this to liposuction or tummy tucks that can have a patient recovering in bed for weeks.

CoolSculpting® is affordable, not just considered as a fat reduction treatment, but even considered generally as a cosmetic treatment option.

How Do I Know If I'm a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is especially effective for "problem areas" like thunder thighs or love handles. If you would like to schedule a consultation for CoolSculpting®, complete the consultation form below.

What Is UltraShape®?

UltraShape® is a new groundbreaking fat reduction treatment. The treatment is not only noninvasive and nonsurgical, it also produces absolutely no discomfort in patients because the technology uses ultrasounds.

Just how effective is UltraShape®? Up to two inches of fat loss can occur around the waistline, according to some patients.

How Does UltraShape® Work?

UltraShape® fundamentally uses ultrasounds to work. It sends ultrasound energy into the fat deep below the skin. Pressure waves create vapor cavities in the fat cells which stresses the fat membranes and leads to their rupture. The surrounding tissue, meanwhile, is left completely unharmed.

Like other fat reduction treatments, UltraShape® kills fat cells rather than merely reducing their size. Because UltraShape® uses ultrasound technology, the treatment is completely painless. In fact, patients don't even report discomfort or side effects.

While other fat reduction treatments are also relatively painless with no recovery time, UltraShape® is the only treatment that leaves no feeling of soreness or numbness after treatment. In fact, UltraShape® leaves no visible signs after treatment. UltraShape® boasts faster results than other fat reduction treatments as well, with visible results as soon as two weeks after the procedure.

Am I a Good Candidate for UltraShape®?

UltraShape® is best used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle that incorporates diet and exercise.

The treatment is a targeted fat reduction treatment that can also treat areas well below the skin. But the procedure is best used to reduce fat in problem areas.

Because UltraShape® can reduce the waist line by up to two inches, it's best used as a procedure that gets a patient past the "last mile."

Interested in UltraShape® but not sure if it's the correct fat reduction treatment for you? Talk to a medical professional at Cultura to find out the treatment that best fits your needs.

What is Kybella®?

Having problems with double chin? While there are a number of fat reduction treatments available, for chin fat, there might be no better option, specifically for chin fat, than Kybella®.

Kybella®, which can only be administered by a trained professional, is a prescription medicine and is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment used in adults to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin--submental fat, which is also called “double chin.”

Submental fullness is a gathering of excess fat beneath the chin, commonly known as “double chin.” It can be something you’ve had your whole life due to genetics, or start to appear as you get older or if you gain weight.

With an active ingredient of deoxycholic acid, Kybella® kills fat cells, which are then removed from the body via the lymphatic system.

Treatment with Kybella®

Kybella® is a very fast and easy treatment that can take as little as 15 minutes. It might take a few treatments to achieve the intended results--up to three treatments--and these treatments can be spaced as many as two months apart.

But the results are permanent and definitely noticeable.

Kybella® can be especially effective because of the way it works. Typical diet and exercise can reduce the size of fat cells, but they do not kill them the way fat reduction treatments do. Because of this, Kybella® can fundamentally affect the contouring of the body the way that diet and exercise simply can't.

Possible Side Effects of Kybella®

Patients may experience swelling or bruising in the area in which Kybella® was injected. Besides that, patients may experience an uneven smile due to nerve irritation in the area of treatment. These effects should subside within a few weeks.

Kybella® is an extremely safe treatment, but there are a number of contraindications that may disqualify you as a candidate.

If you've received surgery on your face or neck, or had cosmetic treatment in the area in general, it's important to talk to your doctor. If you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant soon, or are breastfeeding, it's important to tell your doctor.

Kybella® May Be Right for You If:

  • You’re bothered (unhappy, self-conscious, embarrassed) by fat under the chin, also known as submental fullness.
  • You feel the condition makes you look older or heavier than you actually are.
  • You don’t want to have surgery.
  • You eat well and exercise, but submental fullness does not go away.

Maintaining Body Contouring Results

After your body contouring procedure there are critical steps you will need to take to maintain your results.

Most steps are relatively clear–eating a well-balanced diet and getting adequate exercise–but even these efforts may appear difficult to men and women in the busy Washington DC Metro area who have not traditionally embraced them.

What Makes a Diet Healthy?

If you are confused about food choices, working with a nutritionist can be very important and helpful, but for the most part a healthy diet will simply consist of:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Complex carbohydrates.
  • Lean proteins.

Limiting or avoiding sugary meals and drinks, overly processed foods, and other clearly unhealthy choices is important as well.

How Important Is Exercise?

You can enhance the results of body contouring treatments like CoolSculpting® by engaging in more high-intense forms of exercise, but maintenance does not require anything extreme.

The fact is, taking long walks, swimming, hiking and other gentle forms of exercise are often enough to keep new fat from accumulating. When exercise is combined with a healthy diet, getting in a couple hours of moderate exercise every week may be all you need to maintain your body contouring results.

Of course, every client is different and your personal choices and goals need to be taken into account when deciding on a body contouring plan.

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