Maybe this will finally convince dudes to make that Botox appointment: Deion Sanders, former star of both the NFL and MLB, is the new spokesman for Botox.

Of course, Botox is already quietly becoming a trend among men. But Allergan is probably trying to fan the fire and make it hot. 

In his ads for Botox, Sanders talks to men in bars and tells them straight out "for women? Nope. I did it."

Not Just for Women

Let's face it. Cosmetic treatment has traditionally been a women's game. But recent growth in general of the cosmetic industry has blown the door wide open for all kinds of demographics: Millennials, teens, and yes, even men.
Deion Sanders

For most of these new demographics, it's been selfies and the Internet that's been changing minds. But for men, at least some of the trend has been due to the sentiment that looking young can help keep an edge in the business world.

Or is that just an excuse for men to get treatments they always secretly wanted? It's a tough call, but the fact of the matter is the market is growing 5 percent annually.

Just Getting a Conversation Started

This line of ads probably won't start the appointments immediately, but that's not the aim. Allergan might just be trying to get a conversation going about men and cosmetic treatment at all.

If the ads can make it less embarrassing for men to talk to their physicians and begin to understand the treatment better, then they've already succeeded.

After all, if that guy did it, how feminine can it be?

Interested in Botox but worried it might not be for men? Don't worry. There are plenty of resources online to educate you about cosmetic treatment options, and what might be best for you. 

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